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A first-time dog and a first-time dog owner.

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Snoop is:

50% Jack Russell Terrier

25% Patterdale Terrier

25% Chihuahua

Snoop is not an average dog. He has won several obedience competitions, walks off-lead everywhere, and amazes people everyday with his intelligence.  Around the neighbourhood he's known to many as "that clever dog that does all those tricks".


He was born on September 12, 2010, in a sweet family home in London UK. Eight weeks later he moved into his forever home with me and my wife just a few miles away.

A Canadian loving London life

A first-time dog owner

A huge fan of hammocks

Sam is:

I am Snoop's human, Sam. I am not your average dog trainer. Snoop is my first dog, and I had literally zero dog knowledge until the day I got him.


Everyday people ask me how I was able to teach him so many things. Every time I struggle to answer because there is so much I want to tell them. This website is now my answer.

Most Talented Dog - National Pet Show 2016

Best Trick - Fair in the Square 2010,2011

Best Trick - Pup Idol 2013

Best Trick - London Fun Dog Show 2015

Best Trick - Inverness Street Fair 2010

Notable Awards

Snoop has competed in 20+ obedience competitions, taking either 1st or 2nd place everytime. Little guy has got skills.

If you want to know more about me and Snoop, most of our  story is covered in our ebook, Train Like Snoop.


You can get to know us even better by booking a training session.