Train Like Snoop

The Book

Learn exactly how I trained Snoop from puppy to champion.


Everything you need to know:

If you want learn all of the techniques I used to train Snoop, this book is for you.


It starts on the day I got Snoop as an 8-week-old puppy. I walk you through every step we took along the way, from housebreaking all the way to advanced performance training.


I will show you how in just 10 minutes a day you too can have the dog of your dreams.

Chapter 1 – our story
Finding Snoop and Bringing him home


Chapter 2 – Puppy Days
Essential tips to keep the stress low


Chapter 3 – Intro to Clicker Training
The "secret" is revealed


Chapter 4 –  Get Your Click On
Applying your new knowledge


Chapter 5 – It's all about Recall
The most important of all "tricks"


Chapter 6 – Safety Measures
Tricks that keep your dog safe


Chapter 7 – The Big Three
Sit, stay and lie down


Chapter 8 – Beyond the Basics
Sit Pretty, Shake a paw, Roll over


Chapter 9 – Putting it all together
Combining skills to teach retrieve


Chapter 10 - Distraction Proofing
Getting to performance level skills


Chapter 11 - Beyond tricks
For black belt dog trainers